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Pakistan is agrarian society and Agriculture is the backbone of the Country’s economy. It is unique in economic and demographic dimensions since it contributes around 22% to the GDP, Employs over 51% of the labour force, Provides livelihood to 70% of the population and  accounts for 65% of the foreign exchange earning from exports, either in the form of raw commodities or value added goods. Despite this significance, agriculture still remains the ignored sector of the economy as Pakistan could not achieve breakthrough in Technological and benefited from increased Production capabilities.

Use of Information Communications Technologies (ICT) greatly increases the productivity of agriculture. It allows farmers to better manage their land and harvests, gives them access to real-time market information, and opens up new markets where demand for their goods and services  may be high. On the other hand the Process support and Digital solutions for the organizational performance and competitive advantage had become increasingly important. From installation to support, the Group covers the entire value chain to deliver dependable ICT and physical security solutions including risk assessment.

AKTS Group has wealth of experience in different international practices to ensure the success of agriculture and Industrial Projects based on state-of-the-art technologies. The expertise and powerful management tools to deliver efficient processes improve business competitiveness and produce easy-to-measure results – saving our customers time and money. We provide consultancy services to USAID, World Bank- Ministry of Water and Power and related Public sector organizations, for efficiency improvement of Tube wells and introduction of Renewable Energy for Underground Pumping and Community System.

For every 1* rise in temperature there is reported to e 4% reduction in the crops yields and such Climate Challenge is  an issue where effective an implementable Environment strategy is believed to be the inescapable necessity. For the first time, scientists and governments of the developing world is reported to have agreed that global emissions must be stabilized by 2015 if climate change is to be effectively addressed. Nevertheless, the societal pressure for unilateral actions in many countries means that measures to reduce emissions are gathering pace on almost every developing country including Pakisatan.

AKTS Consultants Group plans to unleash the boundless opportunity to drive from emerging Technologies role in Agriculture sector .We believe that it is time to transform the industry to one that truly fosters freedom of choice— with limitless and unimaginable possibilities.



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