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Air Traffic Management










Airports are frequently at the center of economic and community development.  As hubs for transportation and change, airports face unique challenges - accelerated by the need to offer real-time applications, support nomadic users etc. As airport environment is becoming more complex and busy, it is critical for the crew to manage the resulting pressure with an efficient Airport Navigation system to satisfy Civil Aviation Rules and regulations on passenger safety on board. Our work in Aviation filed is characterized by awareness of airport operator’s needs, particularly when it comes to securing long term performance at a reasonable cost.

Air Navigational control:

Every Project is a unique endeavor with specific requirements and Aviation sector is no exception. Successful implementation of Airport Projects, systems and services require experienced and knowledgeable to help transform airports into secure, efficient and desirable communication centers. Our associates are reckoned for producing innovative airfield cost effective Airport design, control towers, navigation and communication systems, air traffic control radar, automated weather reporting systems etc that deliver long term performance and safety. With ever-improving technology, it is often essential to upgrade equipment, which we feel is the consultant responsibility to advise the client, to ensure that the system continues to detect the most difficult targets.

The solutions often combine a minimized and highly targeted “airside engineering program” with monitoring to ensure consistent performance over the period. Supporting coordinated industry-wide action to reduce climate impacts is equally important on which our associates have the experience at advising operators and regulators on strategic approaches to aviation development that possess the foreground both efficiency and sustainability. Our overseas collaborators having extensive experienced in delivering turn key Project, often in the role of lead consultant. Depending upon the Customer’s needs, matching site survey, typically turn key Project elements being offered include overall Project feasibility studies, Planning, Tendering and financial evaluation, Project Management would be needed covering (a) Project programming, Procurement/purchasing, (b) Installation management, (c) Quality management, (d) certification (e) Maintenance management, (f) Audits and Risk analysis etc.

We as support Consultancy, perform studies of the aviation systems currently in place with the objective of developing a future strategy for maximizing their capacity, safety, efficiency, Ground-based primary and secondary surveillance radars etc where Radar services can be built into tubular towers with complete transmitter/receivers and communication systems. We plan to meet the emerging communications needs of new and existing facilities with Integrated Communications for Airports. The terminals deliver fully integrated communication-related systems and services on turnkey basis. For existing terminals however, the Consultative services we provide is IP-transformation enabling seamless migration of mission-critical legacy services and the integrated introduction of new systems and services. The combination of the detailed technical knowledge and the insight gained through experience means they are ideally placed to manage all aspects of an aviation project – providing our customers with fully integrated solutions.



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