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About Us


Al-Qamar Welfare Trust is established in 2001 for the deprived Section of the society, multifarious problems in connection with better education, employment opportunities. Make efforts for provision of affordable housing to the poor etc. It is the people& for such case and for its registration under the Trust Act 1882.

The "Trust" shall create all the moneys (deposited, self-generated, subscribed and donated) moveable and immovable properties as well as liabilities legally subsisting against the Trust Committee.

erated, subscribed and donated) moveable and immovable properties as well as liabilities legally subsisting against the Trust Committee.

1. AL-QAMAR WELFARE TRUST (AQWT) is a family Trust and is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Registered  with the Authority under Number 2397 Book #01, Volume # 12223. It is administered by a Board by of Trustee, located with in the country and Overseas.


2. Amongst the main objectives of the Trust include provision of Education and Health facilities to remotely located deserving inhabitants. AQWT thus purchased piece of Land for the construction of AQWT Primary Education Network School Bhera- a town 240 Kms North East of Provincial Capital Lahore on Lahore Islamabad Motor-way. The work commenced during 2002 and been been completed and the school is up running.


Another piece of land at village Kurri- suburb of Country’s Capital Islamabad- was purchased during 2002 for Lake View Campus Project. The facilities planned were Primary Education, Mosque with Islamic teachings, Basic health Care Unit, and Special Children Rehabilitation Unit during 2003. Rupees Eight Million were estimated for the infrastructure only for which Trust had no finances available. 


It was with great respect we requested by two God fearing noble soul philanthropists among UK Trustees Mohterma Saeeda Mir and Mohterma Niseara Butt who promised to assist in our planned endeavors. The Board of Trustee AQWT not only accepted the their gesture of good will but were immensely grateful to them for having selected our Project out of many  options available to them.


ALQWT thus, in its specially meeting dated March 23, 2007, appreciated and passed a resolution thanking Trustee Mohtrema Saeeda Mir and Trustee Mohtrama Nisa Butt for their generous Contributor made during 2004 to 2007, assistance and help against Kuri Project  Lake View Campus Project.


 Further, in token of their timely help and unhindered promised commitment; the meeting resolved to name two blocks of Lake View Campus as “Saeeda Mir” Block and “Nisera Butt Blocks’. The meeting assured that the contribution was considered as an “Amanet” for which account to them would be rendered.







a) Chairman AQWT                           Chairman

            b) Principal AQWT-PEN                   V. Chairman

            c) Educational Consultant                    Advisor on Academics / Sectary

            d) Vice Principal                                 Member

e) Manager Finance                            Member

            f) Bursar                                             Member

            g) Senior Sectional Head(s)                 Member

            h) Physical Training Instructor.             Member

g) Co-opted & Honorary Affiliated      Member(s)




          a) Chairman /General secretary AQWT         Chairman 

          b) Educational Consultant                              Advisor / Secretary

          c) Principal                                                   Vice Chairman

          d) Assistant Manager Finance                       Member

          e) Bursar                                                      Member/Secretary

           f) Sectional Senior Headmistress.                 Member




         a) Chairman /General secretary AQWT         Chairman

         b) Educational Consultant                               Advisor / Secretary

         c) Principal                                                     Vice Chairman

         d) Bursar                                                        Member

         e) Sectional Senior Head                                 Member

         f) Physical Training Instructor                           Member

         g) Public Relation Officer                                 Member

         h) Co-opted & Honorary Affiliated  Member(s)  



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