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Building Management System (BMS)

In the era of climate change, few issues define a building's success more clearly than the way it uses energy - whether it is a home, a school, a business or a Estate agency. By integrating computer, communication and control technologies, the advice provides optimal comfort and convenience for the Estate Management. For the existing Building envelope AKTS experts carry out detailed energy assessment surveys incorporating information from the building management systems, energy consumption reports and result of previous awareness campaigns. Realizing fully well that complying with regulations, reduce risk, mitigate liability and reduce operating costs has always been  the major concern for the investor; we work closely with all the stakeholders to ensure that we gain in-depth knowledge on costs savings and full cost benefit analysis.

Project Management:

We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering independent, innovative Turn Key Project Management solutions across all construction sectors and to both public and private clients. The Consultants Group designs and install Building Management Systems (BMS) that delivers safe, secure, well lit and ventilated, and make efficient use of water and other resources and provides engineering and installation of HVAC, access control, video surveillance, lighting control and energy efficiency. We also offer service packages ranging from technical support, selection of Energy efficient Technology to personnel training, maintenance engineering and monitoring, to full reliability packages constituting (a) Energy Management system (b) Building Automation System (c) Security Management system (d) Fire and Alarm Management (e) Monitoring and Surveillance System.




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