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Energy is the lifeblood of modern civilization and the cornerstone of economic prosperity. With a stable, affordable energy supply, industrialized nations thrive and emerging nations embrace new opportunities. Today the world is at an energy crossroads. Energy consumption is growing rapidly. Fossil fuel sources are dwindling. Nuclear power is experiencing a renaissance while nuclear fusion remains a scientific challenge. At the heart of our strategy is a simple and powerful idea: using natural resources much more productively - efficiently - is both profitable and better for the environment while preparing our Policy / Decisions makers and senior Executives to perform effectively.

Hydro-power is one of the cheapest sources of power generation, though requires huge capital investment but the running costs are low making it feasible alternative. Renewable energy, on the other hand, has a very bright prospect for energy generation, because of abundance in Sun shine and being comparable solution for provision of Power to rural areas. Delivering a stable and affordable energy supply is a complex endeavor that requires overcoming numerous financial environmental and technology challenges.

Energy companies face the double dilemma of meeting consumption demands while consumer suffer- and suffer most severely. They need to concentrate on short term Program along with Medium and Long term Projects. At AKTS, we offer to implement and the proposed program in accordance with the needs and financial allocation of the client spread over definite time frame. To be business competitive, Electric Supply companies need to increase operational efficiency, enhance workforce productivity and ensure service reliability.

Further, to drive business excellence, utility companies need to create internal monitoring processes relating to specific business improvement techniques, incorporate unique business improvement techniques, develop continuous improvement processes, and integrate organizational change, concentrate on Capacity building and adopt transparent processes as built-in Organizational culture. AKTS Consultants provide sophisticated management services to help clients optimize system Performance; identify strengths and weaknesses of the managerial possess and its Management inefficiencies by invoking proven tools including:

Feasibility: Whether it's technical viability or project economics, the Consultants Group provides accurate information to aid clients in their decision making process. From high level early stage evaluation of a concept to detailed technical and commercial analysis, wherein we take a holistic approach to all our projects.

Energy Audit: Fuel, Gas and raw material costs are increasing putting more and more pressure on business profitability. By undertaking an energy survey, we can help you understand businesses energy consumption and highlight any energy and waste reduction opportunities. Our Energy experts will offer suitably detailed analysis to evaluate an organizations approach to energy use. A key output of our energy surveys is a prioritized list of recommendations aimed at minimizing waste and optimizing operational efficiencies.

Energy Optimization: Optimized production is an important competitive factor as it saves labor, resources, energy and reduces the environmental impact of a process. A minimized carbon footprint of products is also an important factor for some suppliers

An organization gets lost in the day-to-day management of routines but if it loses sight of its strategic priorities it risks losing direction. Based on decades of experience in senior energy and executive company management; our experts offer advisory services of strategic importance and implementation prerequisites, keeping an eye on risks to license to operate. The goal would always remain to be energy savings, lay down best Energy conservation methodologies, contribute in energy policy, and assist designing medium and long term Power generation with supported infrastructure to accomplish by applying forward thinking in everything we should do.

Energy Management

Our experienced consultants Group can facilitate in cutting costs significantly by implementing the latest Energy Management system (EMS) to suit business needs such as the BS EN 16001 Energy Management System and train workforce on its usage. We assist clients procure and use energy more efficiently and let them understand energy issues on the supply side as well as the demand side and how it affects their Carbon Foot Print.

Our energy efficiency solutions include lighting replacement or installation, window and HVAC replacements, installation of new boilers, chillers and on-site cogeneration equipment, and the latest energy management systems.  As a pioneer in clean technology, we also incorporate renewable energy components, including wind, solar and geothermal power to distributed generation through biomass. We have performed custom audits evaluating for potential cost savings from energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy management focusing on:


       Energy audit

       Energy usage, savings analysis and Reports


       ECM recommendations for substantial energy saving

       Energy profiling

       Energy Conservation solutions

       Energy Performance contracting

       Life cycle Cost analysis

       Utility Management

       Energy Tendering and Procurement


       Renewable energy  Evaluation and Engineering

       Building envelop, High Efficiency Lighting Upgrade and Controls

       Variable speed drivers on Pumps , Fans, Motors

       Retro commissioning of HVAC, Air compressor, Controls

       Boiler Retrofits

       Steam Distribution upgrade

       Energy Management Systems (EMS) including, M& O Training

       Cogeneration(GAS, Electric, Renewable )

As a consulting Firm however, are determined to support sustainable development, minimize the reliance on fossil fuels and exploit Renewable Energy Resources (Solar, wind, biomass, hydro, and geothermal energies), Planning-designing and advising Energy efficiency and Climate change.  AKTS consultant Group has always been in the forefront of this renewable and alternative energy expertise, including todays emerging technologies providing clients with energy solutions. Our personnel are experienced in contracting approaches such as energy performance contracting, demand response, power purchase agreements, commodity procurement management and energy infrastructure renewal and optimization. Our team having decades of field experience, provides expertise for Feasibility studies, Assessment potential of renewable Technology resource, Identification of viable Energy Technology zones, establishment of socio-economic model, environmental impact etc.

We are approved Consultancy Group to carry out Energy Management to reduce emissions and lower carbon footprint. The guiding factor and approach is to understand and focus clients' needs, their priorities and desired expectations. Our expert from Water Energy has international experience in Renewable Energy Technologies besides current Technologies and thus we continue to offer the most efficient solutions covering:

       Collection of sources data collection of Water Pumping systems

       Review pumping systems and O & M cost-effectiveness evaluation

       The existing renewable power sources and systems used in the country for.

       Evaluation of private sectors Role for development, installation & M&O of Renewable Energy driven water pumping systems.

      Capacity building of stakeholder institutions and Training

      Installing and commissioning of grid connected and solar driven water pumps for irrigation, community water supply and fish farms to determine technical, financial, economic and social.

Business improvement thinking in general is becoming particularly applicable in the energy and utility sector as network infrastructure changes, demand increases and prices rise. However understanding where the opportunities lie and what the solutions are, it is here where the Consultants Group offers its expertise to the Utility companies on their good governance. Implementing Smart Grids option is considered viable option that provides improved visibility and control through ICT while Smart Metering for Energy Utilities is increasingly being seen as an effective tool through which regulators and network operators will be able to shape electricity demand patterns in the future.



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