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Whilst there have been great strides in the digital technologies, we still lack some innovations society could reasonably have expected would be delivered by now - an intrinsically safe nuclear energy, a pollution free small engine, or a sustainable way of dealing with the world’s rubbish. Is it possible that these things could have been achieved if Energy and Environment consultant would have planning and developed projects on awareness some twenty years ago?

 It is not only about complying with the Regulation or Policy on Environment but it is also about the way we tackle environmental issues – ethically and with a sense of social responsibility. It excels in supporting clients in addressing complex environmental issues including ensuring compliance with regulations; identifying, evaluating and mitigating environmental liabilities; developing and implementing comprehensive environmental management systems; and implementing effective strategies to reduce or eliminate environmental pollution

Climate Challenge: Climate change will affect availability and use of both water and energy. Since these resources are linked, with energy needed to supply water and water used in generating energy, the effect of climate on energy and water use will be complex. Saving energy saves water and saving water saves energy – this is the simplest way to adapt and mitigate climate change. Substantial efficiencies can be found in water and energy consumptions across industry, agriculture and urban areas. Technology applications already exist to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Technology exists to generate renewable energy from biogas and recover heat from water. These can present an alternative to fossil fuels.

Considering the ways we produce, distribute and consume “Energy” is the most important factor in the fight against climate change. Addressing climate change and reducing pollution is each part of creating a sustainable future.  Recent studies carried out on Environment reveal that for every 1* rise in temperature there is reported to  4% reduction, on an average, in the yields of various categories of crops and Climate Challenge is an issue where effective an implementable Environment strategy is an inescapable necessity. For the first time, the scientists and Governments of the developing world are reported to have agreed that the global emissions must be stabilized by 2015 if the issue of climate change is to be addressed effectively. The study further highlights the societal pressure for unilateral actions in many countries means that the measures to reduce emissions are gathering pace for systematic implementation approach on every member of the developed and developing world alike including Pakistan as outlined in Kyoto Protocol.

Carbon Offset program: AKTS Consultants Group is committed to helping clients to understand environmental challenges and to incorporate sustainability principles into their programs, policies and designs. Reducing greenhouse emissions requires major support of the Government, Corporate and private sectors. While solution to Environment and Climate change policy lies with decision Makers together; backed by Political determination in the removal of faced impediments towards rehabilitation of country’s drooping Economies. In this regard, Carbon Offset program facilitates greenhouse emission reductions and support the Development of the international market mechanism for trading Emission Reductions (ERs) as per Kyoto Protocol frame work. The provisions of Kyoto protocol, signed by the member countries, requires us to be monitor the “climate change” Program being the main cause of untimely droughts, rains and floods in Pakistan in particular.

We offer a broad range of environmental services-from Environmental Audits to the development of Carbon Offset project and implementation of environmental improvement program.The services include the planning, design and construction of plants and renewable energy sources like biomass, waste, geothermal, solar and wind. AKTS Consultants Group has worked on projects with both public and private companies with an aim to develop simple, tailored solutions. We provided the consultancy on environmental management services according to the standard practices followed internationally. Environmental factors can have major implications for development projects and our planning team can provide expert advice on complying with requirements, assist with environmental surveys through a network dealing with the following aspects:

Impact assessment: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA is important for ensuring that the likely affects of any new development on the environment are fully understood and taken into account before the development can proceed.

Air Quality: Main focus of such consideration is the impact of traffic emissions, implications of emerging renewable technologies (biomass boilers).

Waste and Minerals: Advice on how best to develop your assets to ensure that you achieve the maximum return from your property. This may be through unlocking the latent value of mineral resources or identifying potential for managing, treating and disposing of waste, potentially through renewable energy facilities

Flood and Drainage: Planning Authorities are key stakeholders in the sustainable management of flood risk and drainage as important planning considerations, evermore with concerns relating to climate change

Ecology: Appropriate surveys prior to submission of a proposed for the identification of potential issues which may result in an alteration to a scheme, or highlight additional research/surveys that may have to be undertaken to ensure or protected species are not adversely affected by a proposed development.

Sustainability Services: Organizations and institutions of all kinds are facing mounting consumer and stakeholder pressure to take the initiative on Climate Change. This pressure, combined with a daily struggle to improve the bottom line, is presenting new challenges for today’s business leaders. Our associated Experts are committed to helping you map out a successful and sustainable business strategy, and in doing so, improving your bottom line and reducing your impact on the environment. The key process areas include:

Energy: Facility Audit - Billing & Energy Tariff Analysis - Mechanical System &   Building Envelope Assessment - Renewable Energy Opportunities

Carbon Management strategy: Climate & Sustainability Action Planning - Green Marketing & Communications - Life Cycle Assessment - Supply Chain Management - Sustainable Product Redesign Services

Environmental reporting: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Reporting - Design & Implementation of Hazardous Materials Management Programs - Design &

Resource Management: Trash & Recycling Cost Analysis - Waste Stream Audit - Packaging Material Life Cycle Analysis - Water Efficiency & Conservation Study - Wastewater Management Consultation.



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