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A premier engineering Consultancy firm with an outstanding reputation for innovation, responsiveness, cost effective solutions and technical excellence blends the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure at minimal outlay. AKTS Consultants Group plans to unleash the boundless opportunity to drive from emerging Technologies and believe that it is time to transform the Engineering industry to one that truly fosters creativity and freedom of choice- with limitless and unimaginable possibilities.

Despite the availability of broadband mobile access technologies, their widespread deployment is constrained by backhaul networks that are not incapable of carrying broadband services. With rising demand for mobile broadband services, Mobile operators are experiencing a sharp increase in Bandwidth for emerging Broadband services. The need is to deploy flexible and most suitable packet backhaul networks to keep pace with the demand and system deigned life committing service reliability and quality of experience that customers would expect. The packet backhaul solution is to support “any G” ( Mobile generation) to 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE & RAN access transport options / Packet Microwave /  Packet Optical etc ,during transition, delivering cost effective IP Enterprise services.

Network migration is the process of moving all customers from legacy networks to new networks that are typically based on IP technologies such as IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), optical and Long Term Evolution (LTE). AKTS as support consultant has enormous experience how to provide (a) Backhaul network design (b) Project management, (c)  Network Operation and Maintenance services besides Backhaul installation and connected subsystems:

(i)      Infrastructure subsystem: All services relevant to Telecommunication Regulatory authority as per International Standard prescribing Institutions;

(ii)    Network Integration: Optimization and Migration expertise: Maintaining quality of service without incurring the bandwidth upgrades costs is a major challenge. The key is to be proactive and eliminate emerging issues before they impact the user experience. Network capacity increase through network planning, infrastructure optimization, multi-vendor network integration if applicable, and reliable migration to next generation infrastructure;

(iii)   Congestion management: Ensure quality of service during periods of congestion by prioritizing and/or expediting the delivery of mission-critical applications;

(iv)  Service monitoring: How services are being rendered in real-time while conducting performance standards, Network Interference, Network utilization etc to ensure quality and plan network capacity expansion;

(v)    Subscriber-application service: Obtain network intelligence to manage traffic per application, per subscriber, per cell etc; 

(vi)  Satellite Alignment & Commissioning service: VSAT Commissioning high align antenna, Uplink power adjustment, optimize bandwidth, Frequency Management, interference detection and characterization capabilities;

(vii) Fixed, Mobile Integration Service: Applicable integrated multi-vendor solutions allowing content distribution over various channels (broadband, mobile, Internet).

(viii)Energy efficient Mobile Technology: Network operators are increasingly seeking to reduce energy costs and are now has become conscious of their contribution to global warming and climate change. Deployment of Tele-working and video-conferencing services not only contributes to reduced emissions, by travel and intelligent monitoring, to make better use of energy but also makes positive dent on bottom line. Our experts would provide energy-efficient solution to our Customers of existing and new Mobile systems besides environmental consulting services.

Leading the way to IP transformation, our International Partners possess working and practical knowledge on advanced packet-based offering efficient transport Multi-media services including regulatory compliance, training, procedure development, and maintenance program Design and optimization, risk management, and quality improvement.

 Mobile Business Continuity: There are many complex “Business issues” are required to be considered when expanding Telecoms Business strategy. Our experts from our Group provide realistic assessments and prepare a set of practical advice helping you make the right and informed choices. Our wide-ranging telecoms consulting solutions not only Mobile networks but also take into account infrastructure evaluations and Technology purchasing customers and Employees comfort together and  impact on your future investments. These are all put into the wider context of your company aims and objectives to maximize your return on investment (ROI).



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