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Global energy demand is expected to rise by as much as 50 percent over the next 20 years. This combined with depletion of existing oil and gas reserves will mean extensive exploration and production activities by the oil and gas industry in the years to come. Businesses and organizations increasingly require powerful global connectivity any where, any time, any system, any service for Oil and Gas Industry that provide in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. To be competitive, energy operators must increase operational efficiency, enhance workforce productivity and optimize network reliability. To be highly reliable and optimal supervision need to be ensured by the Service Provider for (a) Pipeline Communications (b) Well-Head Automation.

Oil Pipelines are the most popular terrorist target where motives for such attacks vary considerably. In some cases, the powerful explosive nature is seen to make any attack dramatic and more damaging. In others, energy companies are seen to embody the values of western society. The economic impact of a disabled main trunk pipeline is a serious concern to the Government and industry operators

Security provides oil and gas companies the freedom to find, develop and manage assets and to deliver supplies without interference. Being the secure stems from having the correct strategy, translated through innovative technology into a robust implementation and supported by rigorous systems management. Oil & Gas projects are characterized by very harsh and dangerous industrial environments, such as extreme climate, explosive gasses and remote locations accessible only by helicopter. Accidents can lead to major human and environmental consequences and loss of production leading to heavy financial.

  The Group has inbuilt capabilities and demonstrated experience in designing to and working in, such demanding environments to provide end-to-end solutions and services. We have unique access to offer complete range of consultancy services everything the overseas associated Oil and Gas consultancy can do to meet customers’ challenges including:

(i)      Environmental assessment: services concerning environmental impact assessment; social impact assessment and stakeholder consultation; corporate social responsibility; geotechnical investigation; soils and land use; energy audits; environmental management systems and waste planning.

(ii)    Communications Systems allowing uninterrupted and untapped voice and data transmission within energy facilities and with operations in the field.

(iii)   Infrastructure Security: Providing access control and intruder detection to prevent access by individuals and vehicles supplemented by video surveillance. Intrusion detection technologies are excessively been employed for Oil installations for. protection of the perimeter. While air Ground Surveillance deploys radar monitoring the position and an alert is issued if an intruder proceeds toward an unauthorized area

(iv)  Ground Surveillance Access Control: Protects facilities from threats by continuous Alarm Management and Monitoring. Digital encoding and compression enables the transfer of images over an IP LAN or WAN, while image analysis technology is used to detect abnormal situations, such as people or vehicles in a restricted zone. ANPR solution provides License plate recognition.

(v)    Security communication Centers enable client to analyze threats, generate early warnings, prepare intervention program and manage crises.

(vi)   Fleet Management: Fleet management provides a complete, integrated monitoring and management system for vehicles in the field, patrol tanker fleets distributing products to service stations and Containerized fleet.

(vii) Security Risk Management: Refineries and petrochemical plants are attractive targets for sabotage because of the social and economic impact. Through expertise and knowledge developed for vrious sites,we offer our services to mitigate exposure to risks whether in commercial practice, a post-conflict region or emerging market.

(viii)  Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition [SCADA] Systems manage vital infrastructure and processes. A world leader in Command and Control centers, the Group has extensive SCADA experience spanning oil and gas, public transport and electricity systems. Controlling access to technical facilities is another important aspect of security. For this requirement, we have an alternate biometric access control technology and other advanced solutions including closed circuit television surveillance systems.        

We offer Major services for SCADA, communication & disaster relief Management subsystems, as a part of Turn Key Project that satisfies the Client covering (a)Systems engineering,(b) Project management (c) Systems acceptance & Systems integration (d) Safety and risk assurance (e) Training and Capacity Building



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