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The development of an effective and efficient Railway system has direct impact on the economic growth besides serving a cheap mode of transportation. With expanding populations, the ability to move large numbers of people quickly and efficiently, both within and across cities, is pivotal for a country’s economic development.

Our overseas Principal associates are leading Player in international market possessing core strengths in offering signaling, telecommunications, Management and professional services including training for integrated rail system solutions. By partnering with AKTS, they jointly commit to work together to provide sustainable solutions delivered by specialists have a strong track record in developing design and technical assurance documentation across all disciplines. It covers but not limited to, automated signaling and train control, operation control centers and passenger information, to contactless ticketing technology, the lead partner delivers world-class, turnkey solutions. The company’s unique portfolio and proven track record is backed by professional services from consulting to complex systems design, integration and support throughout system lifecycles.

Answering the call for modern signalling, the opportunity to enhance performance and safety and lower life-cycle costs is most significantly addressed to during planning and engineering stages. Advanced signaling and SCADA (Supervision, Control & Data Acquisition) technologies enable to grow capacity and optimize traffic flows while enhancing the travel safety and service reliability. Integration and interoperability at every level of the transport system are key to safety, security and continuous operations. “Travel safe” is the essence of Customers expectation where the Principal associates and Consultants Group has the expertise to Plan. Design, install, Implement and Maintain continuous operations safe solutions constituting:

(i)  Integrated Communications: Transport systems require closely managed communications and widely available information to ensure the security and control of networks, users and revenues. With the integrated safe and secure safe solutions, entire data is centralised on one system and accessed through a single user interface;  

(ii)  Automatic Fare Collection: In order to improve attractiveness of transport, Cutting operating cost and Reducing Fraud; Our Consultants offer the developed speciality in the ticketing systems based on contactless technologies.

(iii)  Network Management: Performance and security with an integrated supervision, access control and ticketing systems solution is enhanced via Internet and display at the Command and Control Centre. It is built in the system indicating  the status of all the trains ,expected arrival at a station etc;

(iv) Passenger Information Display: Centralized control centre to collect, mange, distribute information at the respective destinations;

(v)  Maintenance Management System: The network has the ability to transfer diagnostic information from the train to the maintenance staff anywhere in the network while the train is at a station or moving;

(vi) Revenue Management: Railways are meeting the challenge of increased passenger and freight traffic with intelligent, high-value solutions and requires efficiencies operation and train routing systems electronic interlocking systems and axle counters. Optimized Capacity Management is the means to increasing revenue;

(vii)Assets Management: Infrastructure Mangers address the challenges of(a) Improving service availability (b) Increasing  punctuality whilst reducing in-service failures and delay minutes (c) Minimising maintenance costs while  improving resource management in the depot and on the track



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