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The fast-changing world of today has spawned new challenges in homeland security. With a volatile political climate and heightened security threats, Homeland Security and Defense forces have to constantly reinvent themselves and upgrade their capabilities to mitigate ever increasing threats. No single crime prevention element by itself will shut out crime.

Protecting National security at home is a multi-agency endeavor with complex requirements and through the Technological superiority acquiring at least the Technology level deployed and used during the conflict by the parties involved. The menace of terrorism and organized crime is now expanding and the authorities recognize to protect the lives and assts of Public and Private Citizens. Thus, we need to take in confidence all stakeholders including the intelligence agencies, military organizations, paramilitary law enforcement, provincial governments, police, NGOs and the members of the society to prepare comprehensive Strategic Program of activities to eliminate the menace.

It requires beyond doubts, to engage all sectors of law enforcing agencies for identifying route causes of the conflict agreed to be resolved through negotiation only. An effective approach however, is a combination of operational security measure and awareness to develop an appropriate security attitude amongst the Citizens. AKTS Consultants through the local knowledge and expertise can empower the clients to mitigate the exposure to risks whether in commercial practice, a post-conflict region or sensitive installations. We offer consultation on proactive solution from critical strategic approach to support governments, large multinational corporations, Industry, Institutions and individuals. We provide such services in close cooperation with the stake holders, to mitigating the adverse affects of threats posed by conflicts, crime and, terrorism

Traffic Management: With an object to satisfy concerns of Public, Private, corporate organizations; we offer Safety, Security and Management solutions or Traffic management, Video surveillance, Tracking and identification, Monitoring  and Crowd Management covering(a) Planning   Management (b)Site Surveys Project Risk Assessment (c) Design of Security Systems and facilities(d) Construction & Project Management (e) Continued Certified Training & Awareness Program and (f)  Risk & Threat Assessment  & Response to Crises Management.(g) Project Risk Assessment (h) Capacity Building and Training of all stakeholders independently.

Physical Security and Counter-Terrorist Measures (CTM): We provide security and engineering advice, and single-disciplined and multi-disciplined design solutions. We also offer full project management; turnkey and aftercare services. Our specialists provide CTM advice and design services for a range of threat scenarios. These services include, but are not limited to (a) Protected building design , (b) “Secure by Design” advice (c)Perimeter security advice and design (d)Bomb shelter design and advice (e) Protected space advice and design (f) “Safe room” advice and design (g) Security control room design and (h)  training.

a) Access Control:  Access Control System offers protection from unauthorized individuals who may try to enter a particular building or premises. Access can be granted through systems using individualized codes, identification cards & biometric control.

(b) Car Park Access Management system: Car Park Management enables the parking operator to offer a fast and efficient system for the entire gamut of Car Park Management. Various options include magnetic strip cards, touch plate cards, proximity cards, or RFID Transponders. Temporary RFID is recommended less Risky compared to its competitions.

(c) Perimeter Protection: It is to ensure the site remains clear for which software could be used to alert if a person comes within a certain distance of valuable asset. It usually covers.(i) Protecting outdoor perimeter of property (ii) The software could also be used to alert if a person comes within a certain distance of valuable asset (iii) Protecting restricted indoor areas from intruders, (iv)Tracking intruders across the screen to monitor the movement/ behavior.

(d) Blast Protection: Technology covers a wide spectrum of solutions ranging from Bomb Containment and Blast Resistant Litter Bins, Ready Use Ammunitions Containment Units to Building Blast Protection, design and manufacture blast mitigation solutions.

(e) Vehicle Tactical Surveillance: The system combines a high resolution video camera, a non-visible infrared light source, a sensitive microphone, and speaker into a fully articulating, remote controlled, telescoping probe. On-screen system status graphics insure that the operator can monitor the system without diverting attention from the task at hand.

Video analytics software: Intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics are beginning to play a significant role in security. It is responsible for seamlessly integrates with video analytics to detect elements such as motion detection, directional movement or people counting. Using behavioral recognition technology, cameras can be programmed to detect incidents such as left objects, congestion, reverse movement through checkpoints, and cars spending too much time parked in one spot outside of the building.

The scalable video management platforms and software provide comprehensive surveillance, monitoring and security for public and private locations. Security management resources can be centralized for greater cost efficiencies, and can better respond to potential risks or threats through the use of integrated video analytics. Alarms can be monitored and secure video can be accessed from any location by authorized users via wired and wireless networks.

Forensic Solutions: We in coordination with overseas consulting support have the ability to provide expert and reliable Forensic Solutions. Our associates have the capability and capacity to assemble a bespoke team of recognized experts to provide accurate, accountable world-class knowledge and Know-how of state-of-the-art technologies on forensic requirements. In addition, our associates possess track record of providing security consulting in many diverse sectors of Commercial property, Banking, Telecommunications, Asset management, Education, Media, Asset tracking, Police, Government etc.

Strategic Communication: Companies operating in Security sector can only earn and maintain their license to operate if stakeholders and Public are comfortable with their performance, behavior and principles. In a world that requires ever more open, honest, unambiguous and rapid communication, we provide Onsite and senior Executive training as they enhance their negotiation skills while engaging / infracting with counterparts constructively and realistically on faced socio-economic -cum-Political challenges

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) We provide our expertise of Feasibility, system engineering, Management and implementation of turn key project. AKTS Group offers a wide range of Site Surveys from the development of conceptual plans and business plans through to detailed engineering and deployment. Services include a) Traveler information systems (b) Command Control centers (c) Wireless and wire line communications (d) Procurement and implementation support (e) Acceptance testing and support service (f) Intelligence surveillance Management (g). Designing and implementing Security Access, Safety and Security Management and

Crises Management: No two systems for dealing with issues or crises are the same. All organizations have their own ways of doing things which reflect their business and culture. However, the principles underpinning these systems are common across sectors. To be effective, issues and crisis management systems need to be concise, simple and action oriented. Our expertise touches across all sectors and, as the leading issues and crisis management consultancy, we are in a unique position to share proven practices. We advise on everything from team composition and structure, to individual roles and responsibilities, facilities management.

Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM): One size does not fit all. All TSCM work is threat and risk driven, there is no such thing as a ‘standard sweep’ and may be cautious of anyone offering such a service. We in coordination with overseas consulting support have the ability to provide expert in Technical Security Counter Measures as specialists (TSCM / Bug sweeping) providing service in UK. The experts have extensive TSCM training and appropriate academic qualifications to provide a professional service and Training.

Disaster & Risk Management: Risks and Disasters may include manmade and Natural such as terrorism, sabotage, civil unrest etc. Attacks on Critical Infrastructure take the form of physical to Buildings and people, electronic or terrorists’ attacks. In a prevailing environment where such attacks have becoming ever wider spread, our experience and services and measures could protect Critical Infrastructure and averts man made incidents.

We have developed an expertise in Disaster and Risk Management in support from SCI-UK. We work together to provide solutions to a wide range of problems, may it be Risk by design, Risk by Equipment selection, Risk by Human errors, Risks by hazardous substances etc and how to reduce and manage the effects of Risks, especially in the areas?

(i)       Organizational Preparedness - An assessment of the structure and effectiveness of your organization's current security function and plan

(ii)     Emergency Management - Dealing with and preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents-an Understanding the balance between medical and operational logistics

(iii)    Preventing and Dealing with Workplace Violence - An assessment of your current preventive status, incident management and intervention model

(iv)   Organizational Preparedness - An assessment of the structure and effectiveness of your organization's current security function and plan

(v)     Healthcare Logistics - An assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of current Integrated Materials Management systems and operations.

(vi)   Supply Chain Logistics - an assessment of how well local and extended supply chains are being protected.



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