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Deliver rapidly deployable WiMAX, Metro wireless and Wi-Fi subscriber and service management solutions in a single multiservice platform.





Multilayer tower






ViaSat 7.3m Ka-Band Gateway Earth Station Antenna














Telecoms to day are an environment of radical adaptation to new realities, new demands, new business models and new entraining Video services. Network operators must now deliver the life-blood of commerce, as well as the entertainment, collaboration, and interactions that are the foundation of society. A leader in mobile, fixed which pioneered introduction of Optical fiber based systems and bringing Cellular Mobile telephony in Pakistan. We supported a network’s entire life cycle, including consultation, integration, and transformation, deployment, maintenance and management of Telecom infrastructural operations. Depending on the needs of the clients, we supported Planners, Corporations, Policy Makers, Investors and decision Makers on feasibility studies with options in strategic Planning, Design, System Engineering, Project specification, Tender document preparation, installation supervision, commissioning and Capacity Building of Mission critical wired, wireless Mobile and Broadcasting systems. Typical service advices include regulatory compliance, training, procedure development, maintenance program and optimization and quality improvement. We had been and continue to help clients improve performance and, increased output.

AKTS Consultants have extensive experience in survey engineering to enhance Network performance, optimization and capabilities of core technologies. Our Key personnel rendered Expertise and solutions to Monopoly Telecom Operator for Microwave Transmission Network with UHF, Radio and Optical fiber based Transmission. It also provided a broad range of operations support services to help clients improve performance. It also provided solutions covering Site Surveys, Network Engineering, Link Budget Analysis, Frequency Planning, System Installation, Project document preparation, Contract negotiation, site Testing, Acceptance and commissioning of Telecom Networks followed by Maintenance Management. These solutions improve communications, Service quality and Network performance monitoring which help our customers to reduce costs, expedite operational results, improve environmental & safety conditions.

A premier engineering Consultancy firm with an outstanding reputation for innovation, Responsiveness, cost effective solutions and technical excellence blends the operations and maintenance expertise cost effectively.  As a systems integrator, we possess over 25 years of experience integrating wired & wireless networks for Mobile backhaul; integration of various Radios & UHF. Our experience on survey, Engineering, implementation, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance and Training of Microwave system for Data, Voice and Video services speaks for it. Our Key personnel have wealth of experience in Fiber Optics, G-709 Optical Transport Networks, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy), Ethernet in the first mile, 3rd Generation UMTS Networks, Radio Access Systems and IP data networks.

Remote Satellite Services: We offer a range of standard solutions specifically designed to meet challenging wireless applications. Standard solutions for remote sensing and surveillance and broadband satellite communications systems get customized when required. AKTS Consultants and its European associates have comprehensive expertise in Satellite communication and has track record Wireless Projects. Capability covers the whole satellite technology cycle from requirements of Feasibility for Internet, Wi-Fi  / Wi Max services, budget calculations, system design, supervised system installation, Type approval, Project management and provisioning enable delivering technically advanced turnkey solutions tailored to specific  needs and requirements.

Advanced solution for Challenging applications: AKTS Consultants Group, in partnership with International leading broadband Mobile Backhaul Consultant selected for their commitment to customer service and exemplary knowledge of their market segment, offers solution in maximizing return on 3 G /3.5 G investments. The solution enables interworking with web Providers offering a New Conversation Experience i.e switch between voice, video, messaging and group calling on the finger movement. They can move calls to their preferred device, such as a Smartphone, TV, tablet or laptop.

 The solution builds communities, by interworking service providers with web providers, and extending communications to anyone with a broadband flash-capable browser. We offer solutions for secure and reliable communications as well as offering technology consulting services. We engineer the solution, while closely working with stake holders and the users, by understanding requirements and their specific needs. We also have the ability to compliment Video surveillance, Video Conference and secure video Monitoring services along with Telecom infrastructure design at a fraction of the Project cost.

Safety and Protection of Critical Infrastructure: Risks and threats include manmade disasters such as terrorism, sabotage, civil unrest etc. Attacks on Critical Infrastructure takes the form of physical attacks to Buildings and people, electronic or terrorists attacks. In a prevailing environment where such attacks have becoming ever wider spread, our demonstrated experience and services, in the filed of Risk and disaster management besides Security and surveillance measures could protect Critical Infrastructure and averts man made incidents. This consultative service consists of Survey and wide range solutions of Perimeter Security Access & Entry Control, Surveillance Systems, Intruder Detection, Bomb Detection etc to prevent unauthorized access, malicious damage, loss of assets and act of terrorism.



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