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Transport forms very nature of our lifestyles, our economies and our landscapes. The development of an effective and efficient public transportation system has direct impact on the economic growth and rate of urbanization. With expanding populations, the ability to move large numbers of people quickly and efficiently, both within and across cities, is also a pivotal factor in country’s economic development. Public authorities need to know the future transport demand and likely bottlenecks in order to make a sensible allocation of investments in transport infrastructure. This may include conditions or service level agreements for infrastructure that is developed and operated under private ownership or under a Private-Public-Partnership (PPP).

In planning for an uncertain future, we provide robust strategic, technical and commercial advice to develop well-considered and resilient transport and infrastructure options for our clients. Our engineers, planners, economists, environmentalists and behavioral change consultants collaborate to balance pragmatism with innovation in the pursuit of genuine sustainable development.

Services range from initial feasibility studies and transportation surveys to planning application support, detailed design, construction management and maintenance planning for the lifetime of the asset.  The personnel of Consulting associates have on role civil / structural / geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists, hydrologists and transport planners who contribute to large multi-disciplinary teams or act independently as specialist technical advisors.  Our experts are equipped offering to meet Client’s cost conscious and situational needs. The range of services cover

(a)      Pollution control solutions and project management including;

(b)      Environmental assessment, monitoring of pollution;

(c)      Environmental planning and approvals;

(d)      Route planning;

(e)      Sustainable transportation;

(f)       Waste management, Municipal, contamination;

(g)      Transportation demand management;

(h)      Planning for and accommodation of alternative modes of transport, including mass;  transit, cycling and walking ;

(i)       Stakeholder consultation and

(j)       Environmental policy studies of transport, agriculture and rural development.

In the face of growing demands, competing investment priorities, and aging infrastructure, transportation clients are searching for new, innovative and cost-effective solutions to delivering their mandates. Our Overseas international Partner will focus on optimizing life cycle costs, maximizing benefits and minimizing impacts to the environment and project stakeholders. The process covers from concept through construction, operation and rehabilitation.

Leveraging our engineering knowledge and project management expertise, AKTS Consultants Group has equipped itself with comprehensive and integrated traffic and fleet management solutions, as well as ITS, that span road and rail. The Experts have extensive experience with public transportation, Fleet Bus System and tailor support solutions for the  Railway transportation and Urban Master plans; feasibility studies; economic analyses etc.



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