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Pakistan, like other developing countries of the world, is confronting severe water crisis and requires proper management rather than construction of more and more infrastructure as water availability is still not a big problem if effective management is given a chance. Managing water is a critical issue in Pakistan, where the water level on the decline while on the other side the flood has caused devastation in different parts of the country. If there is any world war that would be on water. The water crises are too high and challenges are great, and we all should develop consensus to resolve this critical issue,

By some estimates, over 40,000 MW of hydropower potential exists nationwide—mostly in the northern parts of the country but also including low-head canal flows elsewhere-of which only about 16% inclusive of large hydro has been harnessed so far. The current installed small hydro capacity consists of high-head plants set up in the northern regions, which collectively amount to only about 64 MW. Construction of small dams, hydropower generation, coastal and other water related issues had been reported seeking solution where our associates could assist formulating capacity Storage strategy and Water conservation.

The mission of AKTS specialists is to follow at each project through all stages, from conceptual ideas and analysis, through process dimensioning and conceptual design, detailed design and tendering to construction and commissioning of Turn key facility. Each project is unique, and we call experts from a range of different areas on demand, including mechanical engineering, construction and Policy and safety.  

a)       Audit an post Audit services;

b)       Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control;

c)       Water Resources Management;

d)       Environmental Management Systems, Capacity Building;

e)       Tendering, dimensioning & designing;

f)        Environmental and energy management of water utilities;

g)       Environmental and Social Impact Assessments;

In accordance with Kyoto protocol signed by the member countries, they need to check and monitor the climate change being the main cause of untimely droughts, rains and floods. Strong Flood Management Cell, need of the hour keeping in view the current and last year floods, which badly damaged national infrastructure apart from human losses. 85 per cent rain water passes from April to September and it requires construction of big reservoirs so that water might be stores and utilized for irrigation and also for power generation.

Waste Water Management:

Waste to energy: increased amounts of waste are generated from households, industry and agriculture worldwide. This can result in critical local environmental impact, if not handled correctly. Much can be recycled or reused in production or electricity and heat generation, whereas hazardous waste must be treated separately and responsibly to avoid environmental risks.The water and wastewater management services have been critical to a wide range of clients including water and power utilities, developers, industrial facilities, and municipalities. These may cover water supply development; water quality assessment and source protection planning; and wastewater management. The consultant Group provides the high quality water resource management services. Our water related services have evolved to include a variety of technical disciplines such as environmental engineering, hydrology, hydrogeology, and resource protection. We have experience in planning and implementing waste handling systems from feasibility studies, through design, to delivering solutions to suit each client's individual needs.

Water and sanitation is a cornerstone to international development and is vital to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Our Consultants possess a wealth of technical experience and expertise, which when systematically mobilized and shared, can support local capacity development and accelerate service delivery activity. The breadth of our experience includes water resource development and permitting; water quality assessment and watershed protection plan; system engineering and distribution modeling with fuscous on:

ü       Initial feasibility assessments

ü       Specification development

ü       Project management services

ü       Supervision of construction during a design and build turnkey project

ü       Ground water control

ü       Trouble-shooting

ü       Regulatory advice



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